Cicely Saunders – Selected writings 1958 – 2004

Cicely Saunders is universally acclaimed as a pioneer of modern hospice care. Trained initially in nursing and social work, she qualified in medicine in 1958 and subsequently dedicated the whole of her professional life to improving the care of the dying and bereaved people. Founding St. Christopher’s Hospice in London in 1967, she encouraged a radical new approach to end of life care combining attention to physical, social, emotional and spiritual problems, brilliantly captured in her concept of “total pain.” Her ideas about clinical care, education and research have been hugely influential, leading to numerous prizes and awards in recognition of her humanitarian achievements. This book includes a selection of Cicely Saunders’ most important writings throughout a period of over forty years.
Full articles, chapters, editorials, reviews, and commentaries include important clinical themes relating to the care of dying people such as pain and symptom management, issues of communication and truth telling, and the needs of particular patient groups, such as those with cancer and other diseases. The book includes pieces that reflect on the wider development of the palliative care field and on policy and organizational issues. Some of the papers take up the theme of spiritual care at the end of life, as well as the question of euthanasia, raising in turn issues of a wider theological and philosophical nature.
The articles are written for a multi-disciplinary audience and will be of enormous interest to many professionals now working in palliative care. The collection will become a key work of reference for those interested in the evolution of hospice and palliative care and will serve as an important sourcebook of many currently hard to obtain publications by the acknowledged founder of the modern hospice movement. This book will also stand as a remarkable testimony to the personal contribution of Cicely Saunders and the influence she has had upon the modern field of palliative and end of life care.

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